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Transducing Dreams Into Reality!


Capture your recordings in confidence with our quality gear selection and years of experience to get that PRO sound right at the source.


Want HUGE mixes that sound full and well-balanced?Send in your raw tracks to turn them into incredible, polished recordings.


Professionally master your mixes to ensure that they have a great presence and sonic depth that translates well into any type of listening system or environment.



Why Hire Me?

Hi, I'm LP®.

I produce, record, mix, master music independently under the seal of 

L.P. Records Productions, Inc.

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in 

Music Production from Full Sail University, where I am also the recipient of two 

Director Course Awards;

Interactive Audio Course Director’s Award

Music Composition Programming Course Director’s Award

Besides being a producer am also an artist, so you can rest assured I know what goes into making a song. Your project is in the hands of an industry pro that will assist you in taking your career to the next level.

I want you to put your heart and soul into performing your song. Let the production to the pro. I will get your project polished release ready.

The processes of recording, mixing, and mastering are crucial to the project's potential. It can be the difference between:

Getting a record deal or never catching a label's attention.

Getting playlistedor having all of your hard work go unnoticed.

Want a memorable studio experience?

Want professional, polished recordings?

Want to proudly show off your hard work?

Then let's chat about your project

 and see if we'd make a great fit!


Track Title: Jacknkill

Genre: Hip Hop (Rap)

Sub-genre: Dirty South

Primary Artist: Jackboi Luna   

Composers: Jeremiah J. Hagans, Meed Beatz

Engineer: Laurentino Nieves

Producer: Laurentino Nieves, Meed Beatz

ISRC    CAGOO2183358

Explicit Content: Explicit

Language of Lyrics: EN

Lyricists: Jeremiah J. Hagans

Track Title: Antes Y Despúes

Genre: Hip Hop (Rap)

Subgenre: Reggaeton/Hip-Hop

Primary Artist: Rokwan

Composers: Roger Rivera

Engineer: Laurentino Nieves

Arranger: Eber Luis Covaleon

ISRC: CACWV2208752

Explicit Content: Explicit

Language of Lyrics: ES

Lyricists: Roger Rivera

Track Title: Me Gusta Lento

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Reggaeton/Hip-Hop

Primary Artist: Pito El Perfeccionista    

Composition Type: Original Composition

Composers: Laurentino Nieves

Producer: Laurentino Nieves

ISRC: CACWV2208794

Explicit Content: Not Explicit

Language of Lyrics: ES

Lyricists: Laurentino Nieves


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